southwest iowa covid-19 response

As a philanthropic solution, the Southwest Iowa COVID-19 Response unmet needs fund is currently accepting donations to help support our nonprofit partners who are on the front line of mitigating needs around the COVID-19 pandemic.

In partnership with the Iowa West Foundation, the Southwest Iowa COVID-19 Response unmet needs fund will support the many and varied ongoing local efforts of our nonprofit partners to address challenges brought forth by COVID-19, as well as focus philanthropic efforts to ensure resources are available to the nonprofit organizations serving our community.

As the local impact of the pandemic unfolds, our community's desire to help has been inspiring. Contributing to the Southwest Iowa COVID-19 Response unmet needs fund is one of many ways in which everyone can make a difference.

Individual donations may be made online or by check made payable to PCCF. Staff members are available to answer questions by phone at 712.256.7007.

Read more about the partnership with Iowa West Foundation and Council Bluffs Schools Foundation.

In partnership with Council Bluffs Schools Foundation, the Emergency Childcare Collaborative Fund provides free childcare for emergency responders and healthcare workers.

School-aged children, ages 4 to 12 will be served by Kids & Company at Longfellow Elementary School, located at 2011 S. 10th Street, from 6:15 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday throughout the school closure.

Other Collaborative childcare providers will serve infants and toddlers at their sites. These include Shea’s Learning Days, Children’s Square, and Jumping Monkeys. Lewis Central Lucky Children school-age program staff will work where needed. Locations, hours, and providers participating in the collaborative may be expanded as the need for emergency childcare grows.

“The precautionary measure to close schools during this pandemic is necessary to prevent spread, but we risk losing the life-saving benefit of closing schools if healthcare workers, first responders, and other critical employees are not able to work because they don’t have childcare,” Chris LaFerla, executive director of Council Bluffs Schools Foundation. “As a community we are happy to step in to provide childcare.”

Read the full release here.