inaugural grant cycle, December 2020

New Visions Homeless Services

In its inaugural grant cycle, the Southwest Iowa Impact Fund -- a fund at TS Community Foundation -- awarded $500 to the New Visions Homeless Services Community Wide Christmas Celebration. The funds helped New Visions fulfill an immediate community need in such a difficult year.

To create a safe atmosphere for the community and its employees and volunteers, New Visions revised their annual celebration to a 3-day drive-through event which offered 5 stops for families: 1. diapers (optional); 2. a ham or turkey with additional food items in partnership with Whispering Roots; 3. eggs and bread in partnership with Open Door Mission; 4. a gift station for children to get a gift for their parent(s) or guardian(s); and 5. a sack full of presents for the children.

“The Southwest Iowa Impact Fund's mission is to assist more families in need, create economic viability, and help ignite community impact," said Mick Guttau, TS Community Foundation Board President. "Helping our community, one child and one family at a time, is our ultimate goal. This year, more than ever, grants to organizations like New Visions Homeless Services are critical to southwest Iowa.”