Establish a Fund

Establish a Charitable Fund
Not only do charitable funds improve the quality of life in our area, they also help fund holders achieve their charitable goals. 

Establishing your fund at the Community Foundation is simple. We will work with you and your financial advisor, if you wish, to complete these steps: 

 - Determine your charitable purpose or intent
 - Choose the type of endowment fund that best fulfills your needs
 - Complete a fund agreement
 - Select a name for your fund
 - Make an establishing gift (minimum of $5,000)
 - Complete the Endow Iowa Tax Credit form, if applicable

After your fund is established, you can make additional contributions to the fund at any time, choose if your grant disbursements will be made in the name of the fund or anonymously and recommend grant disbursements to nonprofits that meet the IRS standards of accountability. 

For more information about establishing a fund, please contact our office at 712-256-7007 or info@

"The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation."

-Miriam Beard