Leveraging Your Fund & Tax Benefits

Leveraging Your Fund & Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits
            Federal: The IRS has given PCCF full nonprofit status with its 501(c)(3) designation. This allows all donations 
                               given to PCCF to be fully tax deductible, as allowed by law. 

  State of Iowa:  The Endow Iowa tax credit program allows donors who give to an Endow Iowa qualified fund to be 
                              eligible to receive a 25% tax credit in addition to federal charitable income tax deductions. This year 
                              $6 million is available to Iowa taxpayers; with a maximum of $300,000 in credits available per donor. 
                              If these popular tax credits are expended, the donor is placed on a list to receive credit the following year. 
                              This benefit is only allowed through community foundations meeting national certified standards in
                              Iowa, such as PCCF.

PCCF's Added Contribution
We are currently offering up to $150,000 as an additional contribution for the creation of a charitable endowment. Depending on the endowment type, every dollar donated can receive ten to fifty cents from PCCF. Another way to describe PCCF's additional contribution would be 10% or more of the new endowment and future donations to the fund.

Below is an example of the approximate benefits of starting or contributing to a fund:

Your Cash Gift                                     $5,000         $10,000          $100,00

Additional 10% PCCF Contribution       + $500          + $1,000           +$10,000

Total Contribution/Fund Size                  $5,500           $11,000            $110,000

Less Tax Benefits 
                Net Federal Tax Savings          - $1,750          - $3,500            - $35,000
          (assuming 35% tax bracket)

                 Endow Iowa Tax Credit          - $1,250          - $2,500            - $25,000
               (before federal tax effect)

Net Cost of Your Contribution       $2,000         $4,000           $40,000